Digital/Nano Feather Touch Brows

Combination or Powder Brows

0-12 Month Brow Refresh Visit


12-18 Month Brow Refresh Visit








Top Eyeliner 

Incl. 4-6 week Touchup

Eyeliner Refresh Visit

Add On Lash Liner to Eyebrow Tattoo                

Refresh touchups for current Tattoo clients only.

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Classic Set                       Hybrid Set

2 Week Fill                      2 Week Fill 

3 Week Fill                      3 Week Fill

Volume Set

2 Week Fill

3 Week Fill                       Removal $30

*Please Note we do not infill other Technicians work

Using Cruelty-Free, Premium Silk Lash extensions and superior Adhesives to bring you light, soft and natural Extensions to enhance length, curl, fullness, and thickness of your natural eyelashes

With three options to choose from, we are sure to find a look that you will love! 

Classic Set: 1x Individual Lash extension is applied to each healthy natural lash possible.

Hybrid Set: This is a mix of Classic and Volume Lashes to create a fuller, fluffier appearance. 

Volume Set: Application of 3D-4D fans are applied to each healthy natural lash to create a dramatic, full set of Lashes.

Each set is fully customised to suit your eyes, face and personal preference, with lashes applied to every single healthy lash possible. When we say a full set, we MEAN it!

Infills are performed every 2-3 weeks, with atleast 40% of lashes left, to be classed as an infill. Anything less will be charged as a full set. 











Brow Sculpt

Brow Sculpt with Custom Tint

Brow Lamination with Tint


We perform only the latest trends and current brow techniques to give you the brows you've always dreamed of.


Using only the best tints from Brow Code and Belmacil, with a superior formulation and several luxurious colours to choose from, we will custom blend a colour to create a look for each of our clients as individual as they are.

With traditional Brow and Lash tinting lasting 3-4 weeks on the Hair shaft, this is a great alternative is you have any allergies to Henna.

Brow Lamination

Lasting 4-8 weeks, Brow Lamination will help redirect and set your brow hairs in a more uniform shape to give the appearance or fuller, more defined brows! Great for most brows, especially those with unruly hairs. This treatment is not suitable for all brows. If unsure, please contact the salon for further information.​






Lash Lift with Tint

Lash Lift/Tint + Wax/Tint

Lash Lift/Tint + Henna Brows

Lash Lift/Tint + Brow Lamination

At Sylvia Scott Beauty we use 'Elleebana One Shot' lash lift solution for the best lash results.

Lash Lifting uses “Silicone Rods or pads” instead of traditional perming rollers to give more of a lifting effect from the base of the eyelash.

Just one 45 - 60 minute professional treatment is all it takes to deliver a beautiful lash lift that is retained, even after a shower or swimming, for up to 4- 8 weeks, leaving you with lengthened, curled lashes that make your eyes POP! 

Lip or Chin Wax                           $10

Lip & Chin Wax                            $15

Nostril Wax                                   $10

Eyelash Tint                                  $25       







Henna Brows Including Sculpt Wax, Trim    $55


A new revolution in eyebrow tinting, taking old age Egyptian Traditions and combining them with new age Australian Techniques to bring you long lasting, vibrant Brows!. 


Manufactured in Australia by Australian professionals according to NICNAS and ASCC regulations. .

Henna is a dye that is made from the plant Lawsonia inermis and has been around for thousands of years.

Henna Brow tint’s have been manufactured  to be Cruelty free, Ammonia and peroxide free that last up to 7-14 days on the skin and 6-8 weeks on the hair shaft.

Henna is perfect for those who have missing brow hairs, want fuller, longer lasting natural alternative to traditional tints, or would like to trial a new brow shape before Cosmetic Tattoo procedures.

Our pigments used are custom blended for each individual and suit all complexions and hair types.